Mother’s Day Gifts

easy idea for mom’s special day. Have the children paint a piece of cardstock paper which you can find at any stamping or scrapbook store. when dry line with tin foil and fold paper to have one end closed and one open. you must staple glue won’t work. fill top with bath salts of your choosing. fold top of tin foil to hold bath salts. top with tissue paper. if you would like the poem with it just e-mail me

Cut a 3×5 opening in the center a 5×7 piece of heavy cardboard. This will be your picture frame. Paint jigsaw puzzle pieces (primary colors look great)and glue them to the perimeter when dry (tacky glue works best). Add a 4×6 picture of your student to the back using a glue gun (laminate if possible for durability). Attach a small inscription “I love you to pieces” This activity is sensitive to the fact that not every child may have a mother present to share a Mother’s day gift with…Also can be used for Father’s Day. This activity came from a past edition of Mailbox magazine.

I thought it would be fun to make one of those flower pens. Just attach a fake flower or something cute with a glue gun or tacky glue to the pen. You can decorate the pen or attach a string too. Then I am having the kids make a memo pad to go with it.

We decorate our room with pretty flowers that the children make themselves. One day I stumbled upon this idea. I had the children use water colors not too diluted to paint coffee filters. Then I used the new fabric stiffener that comes in a spray bottle and sprayed them. I took push pins and hung them from the ceiling to dry. I was careful not to let the filter touch the ceiling itself. When dry I cut them so they resembled very large petals. I then stapled them to the bulletin board. It is a beautiful 3-d affect.

Have the children paint small terra cotta pots with acrylic paint, when dry clear coat spray them. Place a piece of floral foam inside of the pot. Have the children glue together a sunflower and paint a tongue depressor stick green. Then glue a photo of the child in the middle of the flower and tie a ribbon on the stem. Put some Spanish moss on top of the pot and then stick the flower into the pot. Around the rim of the pot using a paint pen write “If moms were flowers, “I’d pick you!”