Mother’s Day Gifts

I take white construction paper and hold it the long way. Fold it in half and half again. The children glue a long green stem on the paper. They add leaves and at the top put a tissue paper flower.
They write in each space My love for you just grows and grows. They fold the cards back up. When Mom open’s it the flower grows!

My daycare got this idea from a campfire group. Take your child’s photo. Take a pocket off of an old pair of blue jeans. Cut a circle in the center, add photo in between layers of jean, and decorate around the photo on the material. Add a magnet on the back-adorable!

Mothers Day Bookmarks


precut paper into whatever size you want the bookmarks to be (I did 1 and 1/2 inches wide by 8 inches long)

On the front in marker write
My Mommy Is Special

On the back in a corner draw a heart and the child’s name in pen

On the front, on both sides of the writing, make a flower using a marker to make the center (I did this part) and fingerprints to make the pedals.

When dry laminate project.

For a nice gift for mother’s….make wind chimes, take a large plastic cup and have the children glue on macaroni noodles than have the teacher spray paint the cups in which ever colour the children like, after the cups have dried take juice lids and attach ribbon to them when complete make a small hole in the top of the cup for hanging.