Mother’s Day Gifts

I have done this with two’s through school’ age and all Mother’s LOVE it!!! You take a medium sized terracotta pot( I get Lowe’s or a hardware store to donate them) I have the children paint them with acrylic paint and then I also get metal washers (also usually donated from Lowe’s) of different sizes and tie them to string and then hot glue 5 or 6 them to the inside of the terracotta pots. Turn them upside down and you have an AWESOME wind chime. My moms LOVE it, and we have done it every year!!!

have children decorate a small terracotta pot. when dry write the following poem on the pot with a sharpie “I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always. As long as I’m living, My mommy you’ll be!” sign the childs name and year. fill with Hershey’s hugs and kisses. it’ll bring tears to mom eyes!

Mothers Day Bouquet
Large Bunn coffee filters
Bio Color liquid water colors
(tropical colors are most vivid)
paint brushes
Pipe cleaners
Potpourri oil ( any scent you like)
Tissue paper ( floral patterns)
Curling ribbon
Pour several choices of watercolor into paint cups. Have children paint coffee filters, hang to dry. They are very wet but dry fast. Pull filter through hand and gather at center of the flower. twist and tighten with a pipe cleaner.Pull and shape to fan out like a flower. Label with masking tape and write names. Gather and twist into a bouquet. Wrap tissue paper around flowers and tie and curl ends with curling ribbon. We cut rectangle cards out of colored paper that the children chose. Then using scissors that make nice shapes, children wrote their names and added I love you. Hole punch and tie to flowers. Use one drop of oil onto flowers and Walla!!
Happy Mothers Day! They loved painting these. Very messy, but soooo much fun! Melody

you will need: cup cake holders and glue

have children glue the cup cake holders on paper then put a stem and leaves under cup cake flowers. They came out VERY pretty. We also use it for mother’s day cards.

I found some canvas tote bags on sale at Hobby Lobby, on one side I stamped a beautiful picture of flowers and painted the words, I love you Mommy. On the other side I let the children paint their handprints with fabric paint. All of the mothers loved their totes and were really excited to see their child’s handprints.