Mother’s Day Gifts

Purchase small had towels for each child. Using yellow fabric paint, paint the bottom of each child’s foot, and place footprint in center of towel. When dry, add two small black eyes to heel area. Then add an orange beak and two little chick legs. Add the child’s name and the year. It is a forever keepsake that moms will cherish.

I did this with my class of 4-year-olds last year. And since it was such a big hit, I’m going to do it again this Mother’s Day. First start out by taking a picture of each child.

I went to Hobby Lobby and bought little wooden unfinished jewelry boxes.

Then the children each painted a box (it ends up looking better if the entire box is painted). Let the boxes dry.

Then I trace the top of the little wooden box and cut an oval in the middle of the paper, to act as a frame.

In my free time, I glue the children picture to the top of the box, and frame it with the construction paper.

Then fill the children’s workspace with accessories such as beads, rhinestones, and any other decorative stuff you can find – and let the children go to town!

On the inside lid of the box write… “For my Mom on Mother’s day 2004. Love, your most precious jewel.

The next day, my class made necklaces for the Moms using elastic string and beads. And we placed the necklace inside the box.

The children can wrap it up or just present Mom with her new jewelry box.

It is a perfect Mother’s day activity for young children. The child has fun working on it, the Mothers love it, and it’s function!


Ask each child the following questions about mom:

1. What’s your mom’s name?
2. What does she do?
3. How old is she?
4. How does daddy call mom?
5. What is her favorite color?
6. What is her favorite food?
7. What is her favorite movie?
8. How many brothers and sisters does she have?
9. Where does she like to take you for fun?
10. What message do you want to send her for mother’s day?

Type these q’s in the computer and print them in pretty paper. Give to mother’s in a pretty folder decorated by the child, or rolled-up like a diploma. The moms will love to read their children’s answers.