Mother’s Day Gifts

For Mother’s day:
Get a white t-shirt and paint the child’s feet. Make a trail up the front side of the shirt. Write in fabric paint “I walk all over Mom!” Mom will think she is very special!

Soap gifts

Needed: per every two students

1 bar of Dove soap cut into 10 small squares

1 Tbs lemon peel

1 Tbs orange peel


After you have pre-cut the soap bars the children can grind them up in a small cheese shredder (used for parmesan cheese), and use a regular cheese grater to do the lemon and orange peels. Add ingredients for two children to a bowl and heat in a microwave for 30 seconds. It will look like a big puff. Let cool for a few seconds, divide the puff for two children and the children can then form into a shape. Let stand overnight.