Mother’s Day Gifts



cotton balls


lace doilies


plastic needles

Saturate cotton balls with perfume. Place doilies together, back to back and sew with thread leaving small opening. Insert cotton balls and tie thread to secure. Decorate as desired. Makes a wonderful sachet for mom.

Bookmark for a Special Mom

Let your children take a nature walk to collect such things as pretty leaves, flower blossoms, unusual weeds, etc. (Be sure everything collected can be flattened!) Provide cut pieces of posterboard or card stock for the children to glue their finds onto. When dry, cover each side with clear contact paper or laminate. Trim and punch a hole on one end of each bookmark. Tie on yarn strips to make a tassel. Happy Mother’s Day!!

For Mother’s Day I like to ask each of my children’s mother to bring in a photo of them with their child. Then the children make Mother’s Day card with the photos inside the cards. Or I will put the Photos on a Bulletin Board with the saying,”Mother’s are for Loving!”

Save frozen orange juice lids. Take a picture of your child and cut it the size of the orange juice lid. Paste on the orange juice lid and decorate around to make it pretty lid. Put a magnet on the back and give it as a gift to mom or dad or sister or brother.

Mother’s Day Recipe Holder

Materials needed:

small plastic plant pots

silk flowers

plastic forks

plaster of paris


Have the children decorate the pots using various stickers. Mix up a batch of plaster and fill each pot 3/4 full. Let stand for a minute or two or until the silk flowers will stand up in the plaster, insert a fork, handle first. Let harden, place a favorite recipe card in the fork. It makes a great recipe holder for your counter !

Take a Nestea bottle and remove the label have the children take small scraps of tissue paper and apply to the outside of the bottle with watered down glue and a paint brush. Next, take tissue paper two colors layered and squeeze in the middle so it looks like a butterfly and wrap a pipe cleaner there to hold insert the pipe cleaner in the vase. You will need about 4 flowers to have a full arrangement. Even the 2 year olds find paining the jar easy.