Mother’s Day Gifts

Take a magnet larger than the size of your childs hand. Dip their hand in paint, place on magnet, sign and date. You can cut out the shape too! This gives you a useful, decent sized magnet!

Take a foolscap Manila folder, the children do personal art work on the front. I prefer crayon resist, but hand prints are good for the younger child. Seal the sides with coloured tape. Put “Special Papers” along the top. This can be used for any special papers, recipes or receipts by the parent, and is something that is useful.

Trace around a cup shape onto pretty wallpaper and cut out. Have children glue JUST THE EDGES OF THE SIDES onto a fancy paper doily. Insert a tea bag with the string hanging out. Write:”Mom, You’re Just My Cup Of Tea!” Then have children dip the bowl of a plastic spoon in melted white or milk chocolate. Hold over a pan til most dripping stops. Dip spoon into nonpareills or other tiny cookie decorations. When cooled and solid, wrap saran over bowl of spoon and tie with a pretty ribbon. Mom can use this stir stick to make her Mother’s Day tea a special treat.

Do child’s hand print on a page with paint and place this poem on the page. EVERY MOTHER LOVES IT! A great keepsake!

Sometimes I might upset you

Just because I’m small

By leaving fingerprints of mine

On a table, chair or wall.

But everyday I grow a bit

And I’ll be big one day

When all my tiny fingerprints

Have long been cleaned away

So keep these prints of my two hands

To help you to recall

Just how big my fingers were

That time when I was small.

Mother’s Day Key Chains/Magnets

Have children trace their open hands on “shrink” plastic (available at craft stores) and then color as they wish. They can use permanent markers or acrylic paint. Let dry and punch hole in “palm” side of hand with hole punch. Heat in oven according to directions and add magnet or key chain and viola! A great AND usable gift.