Mother’s Day Gifts

Flower Carts:

Have the children bring in a plastic scoop from laundry detergent. Fill with potting soil and plant marigolds or other flower in them. Use big buttons (4 per child) and glue on sides for wheels. You could also use construction paper for the wheels. The mothers love them.

Ask each child to bring in an old shoe. Using small plastic bags, line the shoe with the bag having the top of the bag at the top of the shoe sticking out. Fill the bag with potting soil and plant a fern or small plant in it. Garnish with ribbons or lace or bow or fancy shoe strings. Guaranteed to be the most favorite mother’s day gift!

The children will need an empty tin can, the vegetable size works well. Spray paint the can with a flat enamel paint. After the paint has dried, have the children dip their hands into nontoxic craft paint. The children should rub their hands together as if washing their hands so that the paint is not too thick. Have the children “hug” the can with their hands. You may need to help them place their hands on each side of the can. Use pastels for spring holidays and red/green for winter holidays. Use raffia or cloth for a ribbon decoration. If you are real ambitious, drill two small holes on each side of the can and place a thin wire for a handle. They can be used for cotton balls, Q-tips, or pencils…whatever. Tuck in a poem or note about tiny hands, etc. and there’s the gift. Easy and inexpensive!

For Mother’s Day, we make “marblized” magnets.

You will need:

a 9×13 cake pan, laundry starch, liquid tempra, construction paper, tagboard (we use old folders), glue, scissors, and magnet tape.

Pour the starch in the pan about an 1/2 inch deep. Dribble in the tempra. 1 or 2 colors works best. Swirl it around and place the paper on top. Pull it out. When it dries, glue it to the tag board.

Cut any shape write your message on it and add the magnet.

Mother’s Day Picture Magnet

Take a picture of each child and have developed beforehand.

Cut around the picture to show only the child.

Cut a piece of magnet sheet approximately the same size as the cut picture.

Take adhesive backing off of magnet sheet and adhere picture to magnet. Trim around the magnet so that all you see is picture of child.

Have child help wrap present.

Mom will love seeing her child on the ‘fridge!!