Mother’s Day Gifts

Tshirts for the Moms, Fabric Paint

Have the children dip one hand in paint and press it onto the back of the t-shirt. Then write “My Mommy deserves a pat on the back!” over the handprint. Underneath the handprint write the child’s name and the date. The mothers love it! It can also be used for Fathers, Teachers, Grandparents or other “special someones” in the child’s life.

Mother’s Day Flower Planter

Items needed:

plastic drink cups

washed can

potting soil

flower seeds or small plant

craft sticks


tempra paint

paint brush


I find empty cans (formula or veg.) that a 20 ounce plastic cup will fit in. poke holes in the buttom of the plastic cup for draining. Glue the top edge of the cup to the can. Glue the craft sticks to the outside of the can. I hold them in place until they are dry with rubber bands. Paint the craft sticks (I usually use brown) to look like a planter. After the paint is dry fill the cup with potting soil. You may plant flower seeds or an allready growing flower in the planter and give some water. I had my daycare children do this project for Mother’s Day four years ago, some of the mothers still have the same plant growing in them. Other mothers are asking when they will get one or if we can make more than one for them!!

Flower Basket.

.2 or 3 liter soda bottle cut off bottom half use for planter:

Scallop edges, punch small holes in bottom for drainage; let children paint, add liquid soap to paint for better adhesion. Let dry completely; seal with watered down white glue or acrylic sealer. From let over part of bottle cut a 1/2 in wide strip to use for handle, attach handle to “basket” by punching hole on sides and attaching with brads. Fill with lightweight potting soil (Most places will sell you a “torn” bag for 50% off. Fill with inexpensive annuals. Offer a selection so the children can choose which ones they want to use to fill their basket. You will need to cram the flowers in about 4 small plants so that the basket will look full. You could add a note card handmade by the children attached to a craft stick, poke down in soil.

Get the plastic candy molds that are sold at discount stores or craft stores. Mix plaster of paris and pour into the molds. When the molds have hardened just a little use a safety pin and press into it. Be sure to spray the molds with Pam cooking spray before pouring the plaster in. When they are dry let the children paint them with tempra paint or water colors. These make great mothers day gifts.

Mother’s Day Trivet

Materials: a white 8″x8″ tile (around 80 cents)

Acrylic or tile paint

Adhesive felt

Sponges cut into shapes-squares or triangles

A fruit/flower stencil (found at craft stores)

Cut felt into 1″ squares and have the children put a square on each corner, on the back of the tile.On the front, using sponge pieces, sponge print the front of the tile-patterns look nice. Let it dry overnight. The next day, using a fruit or flower stencil, have the children stencil a middle design. Let dry for 24 hours.