Mother’s Day Gifts

In the fabric section of a discount store, I found a roll of vinyl “lace-like” quilt squares used to make cut-to-size disposable tablecloths for $1/yd. [I only needed about 1/2 of a yard for my whole class.] I cut the individual “quilt” square apart. I also collected several inexpensive bags of scented potpourri and strips of ribbon. I let each child select two patterned squares and a spoon of scented potpourri. I hot glued the two squares together on three sides, let the children stuff the potpourri in the sachet, and hot glued a loop of ribbon in while sealing off the fourth side. The result was actually very nice at a minimum cost.

Buy a small wicker hat at a craft store. Fill the hole (where the head goes) with potpourri. Glue a net cloth (see through) over hole. Use some lace to make a border to glue around the hat. Glue some fake flowers to the top of the hat. Put a little ribbon on the top forming a loop. This gift makes a great decoration for bathrooms and also has a nice scent! Mothers adore these.
-I made this for my Mom in 6th grade

For Mother’s Day we painted small clay pots white (be sure and seal the inside of them first). using their thumb and orange or yellow paint we made the center of a flower. using their fingertips, add 6 or 7 “petals”. wrote mothers day and date in green paint in between two flowers. also added this poem: my fingers are the petals my thumbprint is the seed put them both together – a flower made by me. add dirt and a plant – easy gift and not very expensive.

*Milk Carton lids (all different colours) *Felt (cut out in the shape of flowers, bright spring colours) *Green Felt (cut out in the shape of leaves) *Pins (with the flat backs that you can hot glue onto the back of the pins) *Googly Eyes *Red and Black Fabric Paint

What you do:
The children pick out a colour of flower and milk carton (Preferably different colours),they glue the 2 green felt petals on the flower and then they glue the milk carton lid (so the milk carton lid is facing up) on to the flower. Then they glue on the googly eyes and draw a nose and a mouth inside the milk carton lid. Finally the teacher uses hot glue and glues the Pin on the back of the flower and you have a beautiful pin that the moms can wear. Our moms love this gift!!!

Students select ideas to copy in a booklet of “Special Coupons for Someone Special”. Some ideas could be: 1 Free Back Scratch, 1 Free Foot Massage, A Walk with Me, 1 Date with Daddy, Help fold the clothes, Unload the dishes, etc.