Mother’s Day Gifts

Take individual pictures of each of your children. Make a picture frame out of poster board. Let child glue buttons, beads, etc. onto the poster board. After it dries, glue the picture onto the back, cover with construction paper, put name of school and date, add magnetic strip.

Get a mini-picture of each child. Cut out 4X6 pieces of construction paper (various colors) for front and back covers and blank white paper for inside papers. Glue the pictures to the front cover and write: To Mother, with love on the front cover also.

Inside, on each white blank page, have the children write a “coupon” for their mother and illustrate each sheet, too. Coupons could include items such as Redeemable for one hug each morning, Redeemable for <child’s name> to vacuum house without being told, Redeemable for dish washing, etc. Show the children coupons from magazines so they can draw theirs like a coupon if they would like or they could create their own design. The mother’s will be extremely happy with these. Who wouldn’t be?

6pack ring roses:

3 six pack rings, 2 painted red one painted green.

Cut six pack ring into thirds at the narrowest point. place on of the green thirds on a shish kebab stick, placing the ring through the center first then folding down both sides PIECING the plastic. Push down about half way, followed by six red ring following the same procedures, but turning each petal 1/4. to create the bud of the rose. You may paint the stick green to look more like a stem. I choose to do these to add to a dried flower arrangement done by me four year olds, for Mother’s Day. My mothers thought it was wonderful.

Mothers Day Gift

You’ll need a small glass jar/bottle, bath salts, piece of material, ribbon.

Fill the jar/bottle with bath salts and cover the top of the bottle with the fabric and tie with ribbon. But you also have to add a poem!

To Mom:

A Tablespoon of Bath Salts to say THANK YOU For All the Things You’ve Done, and Wishes that the Day will Bring YOU Happiness and Fun. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! Love___________________

Cut a 12″ circle out of bright poster board. Cut the center of the circle out and replace it with same color tissue paper. Puff up the tissue paper to make the top of the hat. Glue a small scarf across the top of the hat gluing to each side of the hat, where the tissue meets the poster board (to tie around mom’s neck) Glue bright colored tissue paper around the top of the hat where the center circle meets the poster board. Now you have a mothers day hat!