Mother’s Day Gifts

Make wheelbarrow planters using laundry detergent scoops and milk cap lids. Fill detergent scoops with soil. Plant marigold seeds. Glue on milk cap lid wheels with hot glue gun. I found that it is easier to grow the plants first in a planter starter kit and then transfer them to the laundry detergent scoops to help prevent overwatering from the little ones.

Mother’s Day Note/Recipe Holders

Each child will need a wooden paint stir stick (if you sweet talk your local hardware clerk you can usually get these free) and a regular wooden clothes pin. Teachers will need to hot glue the wooden clothes pin to the bottom end of the paint stir stick ahead of time and drill sm. hole in the handle of the stick for hanging purposes. Children can then paint the sticks and decorate with stickers.(Tempra paint works as long as it is not too thick) A small ribbon bow around the top of the handle adds a cute touch. Let the children decorate a 3×5 index card that says “Mom’s Notes/Recipes” and place it in the clothes pin. (Helpful Hints: When allowing the children to paint, place a piece of folded paper in the clothespin until it drys. This will stop it from drying and sticking shut. Magnetic strips can be used instead of drilling holes to hang. Wood glue also works in place of hot glue but takes longer to dry.

Preschool Cookbooks

Allow each child to create his/her own recipe. Write down the recipe EXACTLY as the child states it. Ask the child open-ended questions like: “How do we make this?” “What temp. do we bake this?” “How long do we bake it for?” “How many cups of….? (you get the idea) After each child has completed a recipe make enough copies for each mom to have their own “preschool cookbook” Let each child design a cover and laminate it. (I had a mom laugh so hard she cried when she read her sons recipe for “Turtle Brownies”) The recipes will be treasured forever even if they are never tried. Helpful hint: If a child has some problems getting started sometimes having a few magazines with food pictures in front of the child helps jumpstart their little minds into creating and imagining their recipes.