Mother’s Day Gifts

I recently did this project with my 2 year old son. I had a lot of potpourri left over from the holidays and lots of cute pictures. I decided to make picture frames from cardboard and put dabs of glue on the frame. I had previously separated the dried flowers from the potpourri. So he had fun picking which ones would go where. When the frame was done we taped a string to the back to hang it from. Then we went through the pictures and he picked which one to put in the frame while it was drying. He had a lot of fun and grandma loved the project!

For a Mother’s Day gift each year, we make a hat using a cardboard type paper plate with the curved edges and the same type bowl. We glue the bowl to the middle of the paper plate so that it resembles a straw hat. Then we let each child choose a color and let them paint their hat. Then we (teachers) using a hot glue flowers and a bow to the hat for decoration. On the back we use the tab off of a coke can for the hanger.

I found this at a friends house: this poem printed at the bottom of a piece of paper –

Here are my hands one red, one blue
And a special kiss because I love you!

Children put their hand prints in the middle of the page along with their name. date can be added e.g. Fathers Day 2000, and name of your center.

Puzzle pins

Let each child pick out 3 puzzle pieces from a 50-100 piece puzzle. (cheap at a drug store) Let child glue pieces on top of each other (kind of spread out) add a small bow made from ribbon and a heart button (from a craft store) hot glue a pin attachment to the back. Let child wrap gift.

Mother’s Day Corsage – Purchase small paper doilies. Have the children take small squares of various colored tissue paper and crush up each square. Glue the crushed tissue paper into the center of the doily so that it looks like small flowers. Leave the lacey edge showing. Add a small bow to the bottom, and a craft jewelry pin to the back. My Moms have enjoyed wearing their corsages on Mother’s Day!