Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day Pillowcase

Go to the dollar store and purchase enough plain white pillowcases for each child in your classroom. Have the children sponge paint designs on the pillowcases using liquid fabric paint. Let dry. Fold the pillowcase up, put a bow on it, and let the children take it home for mom.

Materials: Paper, paint, heart shaped sponge, green construction paper strips and leaves, glue, poem. (I do the poem on the computer in pretty handwriting.)

Mother’s Day Card On the white construction paper folded, put a child’s handprint then glue the flower stem and leaves. When that is dry, sponge paint the heart over the hand in a different color. Put the poem next to it on the cover, or on the inside. Poem: A piece of me I give to you. I painted this flower to say, “I love you.” The heart is you. The hand is me. To show we are friends- The best there can be. I hope you will save it, And look back someday At the flower we shared On your special day.

Mother’s day t-shirts. White t-shirt, spring colors fabric paint. Print child’s hand in front of the shirt, make handprint like a flower, with leaves and a stem, write child’s name at the bottom, (I made more than one print if mom has more children) make fingerprints of the child like bugs on the shirt, make a small butterfly on the top left or right, Then you write a little poem: Mother’s love helps me grow!!! My mother’s loved it.

Easter and/or Mothers Day Gifts

You will need: 1.Baby Food Jars w/lids (cleaned) 2.Playdough or other type of clay 3.Various straw flowers or fake flowers in small sizes. You may use plastic miniature rabbits, eggs etc.

Press a small amount of play dough onto the lids underside. Push your flowers or other objects into the play dough (you can even use a small cross for a church activity) You may add as many as desired providing that you can still attach the lid back onto the jar. You also have the option of painting or adding glitter to the remainder of the exposed play dough. Leave the lid exposed to air overnight so the play dough will dry out and in the morning fasten the lid back on. It will look like a enclosed vase with flowers. They are simple and quite impressive!

Things needed: Straws, white glue, asst. tissue paper, baby food jars. glue tissue paper around one end of a straw for the petals of a flower. place finished flowers in baby food jars. Here is a nice gift for mom or a sick friend.