Mother’s Day Gifts

Every year I make mothers day wreaths with my kindergarteners. We buy straw wreaths (small) found at any craft store for about 75-99 cents. I have ask parents if they have any material that they have left over at the house to donate this earlier in the year. You also have the option of purchasing scraps at a fabric store. We then cut the material out for the children in squares. The children take the squares and punch them into the straw wreath with children’s scissors. We spread this out over a week. They then decorate their wreath with fake flowers or whatever they would like and it makes a great hand made gift that moms love.

We collect 16oz bottles of soda (empty) We give the kids tissue paper and glue and let them cover the bottle with the tissue paper (depending on the age group you could make the tissue paper small or larger for younger children) Let it dry over night and let the children pick their artificial flowers that they would like to put in their vase. Nice gift to give mom on the day of her t-party.

Mother’s Day Aprons You can purchase Chef style bibs at your restaurant supply places (look in the yellow pages) cost about $4.00 each.

Get pink and purple fabric paint.

Use a tin pie pan and put a piece of felt in the pie pan, add fabric paint on the felt.

Now put child’s hand into the paint and press onto the apron.

Something mom will have for years and be proud to wear, and how fun to see how much bigger that little hand has gotten over the years.

Mother’s Day Pins Supplies: Wooden heart Pin back White/red Crayola coloring crayons

Adult must help with this project. Warm up crayon’s (don’t mix too many color or turns green or brown). Best to use white and one other color.

Then use a toothpick and run the colors together (can melt in a tin in water on the oven), or in little potpourri cookers.

Then swirl wooden heart through melted crayons. Pull out and let dry.

Now use fabric paint and put: #1 Mom, or I (heart) MOM. This step is optional (turn out great without).

Glue pin back to back of wooden heart