Mother’s Day Gifts

Notepad for Mom

Supplies: Plastic or ceramic tile (I have been able to find these at a few thrift stores) Paper cut to size of notepad 3-4 colors of copier paper wooden clothespins paint

Have the children paint a design on the shiny surface of the tile. Provide each child with a piece of paper cut to size. Have him or her draw a picture (perhaps of mom or the child). Then copy this off on the printer using the different colors of paper. Attach to the painted tile with a wooden clothespin (can be painted if preferred) Mom will love it!

Mothers Day Gift We ask parents for an old shoe of the child’s preferably a tie one, sneakers are fine. We then spray paint them gold or let the children paint them with metallic liquid paint. We then get 3 oz Dixie cups and plant little flowers in them like marigolds, the children then place the cup in the shoe and a perfect gift for Mom and a great keepsake.

You can make a rose by painting individual egg holders from egg cartons and then sticking a green pipe cleaner through it, knotting it on the inside of the egg holder so it will not slip out.

A Mothers Day treasure box:


Altoids box
tempera paints
buttons beads
small flowers
other small craft items that are handy felt (colors to match the paint used)

Paint your box and when dry let the little ones decorate out side with buttons, flowers, beads or what ever you have on hand. Place felt on inside to protect any treasures placed there.

Mother’s Day celebration: The book, Five Minutes’ Peace, by Jill Murphy will set the stage for our Mother’s Day celebration this year. The book revolves around a mommy elephant who wants “Five Minutes’ Peace” from her 3 children and escapes to the bathroom with a newspaper, teapot, piece of cake, etc, to take a bubble bath. Within two minutes, all 3 children end up in the tub with bath toys! The mom then dries off and retreats back to the kitchen for the 3 minutes of peace left.

As a class, the children will each prepare a tray of things for a relaxing bath for their moms as follows: 1) bottom of gift box to be painted and modpoged with magazine pictures and their own photograph; 2)we will make bubble bath from a recipe and pour into plastic bottles; 3)we will make a cake and slice and wrap pieces; 4)we will include a teabag; and 5)we will “write” a front page story about ourselves to represent the newspaper. Finally, 6)a small rubber duck is included.

The children will assemble their trays and present them to their moms after we read the book as a class. Before the gifts are distributed, the children will give their moms a little neck rub to relax them. P.S. We are a Christian preschool and will include a bookmark with “My peace I give to you.” John 14:27.