Mother’s Day Gifts

We had the children make fingerprint flowers for their moms for mother’s day last year. We cut out flower pots out of brown construction paper, had the children glue these on paper, then glue a pipe cleaner “stem” on, then dip their fingers in paint and put the petals on the flower. We used the lid of 20 oz. or two liter soda bottles, dipped in paint, for the center of the flowers. We then found a cute poem about moms to glue on the side.

Mother’s Day corsage

Most pre-schools/Day Cares always has markers. When our markers have gone dry, we keep the lids (fat markers or stampers) We have the children create flowers using, liquid watercolors, eye droppers, coffee filters. Once dry, twist with a pipe cleaner or wire to form a flower. (You can use different size filters.) Put a small amount of clay or play dough inside the marker lid, push pipe or wire into lid. Let set overnight or until hard. Teachers will need to hot glue a craft pen to back of lid. Once dry, let children practice making loops with ribbon to form a wild bow, tie around or hot glue (teacher) to front of lid.

Our moms really enjoyed these and it was a great way to reuse our marker lids.

Our class created a statue of their mothers.

Supplies: empty toilet paper roll; white plastic spoon (or clear); scrap material pieces; ribbons, lace, small buttons (anything to decorate for clothing); tempra paint in skin tones; craft hair (yarn, string, anything available).

Allow the children to choose the skin tone of choice to paint the spoon. The back part of the spoon will be the face. (Scooped side will be back). Let dry. Have the children choose material for a “dress” and wrap around toilet roll (measuring and cutting skills). Glue to roll. Add whatever accents the children would like for their “mothers” to have. Glue the spoons to the inside front of the toilet paper roll. Create a face using a black permanent marker (they can use pink paint for cheeks if they would like). Glue hair to top, sides, and back of spoon to cover all but the face. (Depending upon how much hair and decorations, something to the inside back of roll as a weight.)

Our mothers really enjoyed these.

Mothers Day pin. Make a simple air dry dough, cut out shapes. Let the kids decorate any way you like. Glue pin on back.

Dough recipe 1 1/3 C flour 1/2 C salt 1/2 C hot water Mix then knead to form dough, roll out and use cookie cutters let dry 24hrs. on baking rack. Decorate as you wish.

For Mother’s Day, we recently made handprints set in Plaster of Paris. We mixed the plaster to a thick consistency and poured it into large oval plastic plates. When this was almost set, the children pressed one hand (with assistance) into the plaster. Next to the handprint we pressed in a copy of the following poem which had been photocopied onto a small card: Sometimes you get discouraged Because I am so small And always leave my fingerprints On furniture and walls But everyday I’m growing up And soon I’ll be so tall That all those little handprints Will be difficult to recall. So here’s my little handprints That you can put away And you will know how my fingers looked On this happy day! A small wooden heart was placed at the top of the poem and a paper clip added at the top of the plate to enable the plaster to be hung up later. When these were dry, we removed the plastic plates and sprayed the plaster back and front with gold spray paint (we covered the paper poem at this stage). The hearts were painted pink and a ribbon attached for hanging. These were so effective and very popular with the children and Mums alike.