Mother’s Day Gifts

For Mother’s Day (this would work for Fathers, too) I had my 2-3 yr olds make bookmarks for mom. I simply cut strips out of construction paper to (about 2 inches by 8 inches). On one side they “stamped” different colors of paint with their fingertips. When dry, I drew petals around the dots of color (using their fingerprints as the center of the flower). Then, on the opposite side of the bookmark, I wrote “I love my Mommy because…” and had the children finish the sentence, writing down each child’s response. Kids say the cutest things! Afterwards, I laminated the bookmarks, punch a hole, and have the children lace a piece of ribbon through the hole to finish it off. The moms will love their child’s precious fingerprints as well as their responses to why they love mommy!

Materials: – clean baby food jars, – Epsom salts – food coloring – scented oil (strawberry, lavender, etc) – ribbon – bowls – spoons

1. Separate Epsom salts into three bowls (or however many colors you want to do).

2. Add a few drops of food coloring in each bowl and stir well. Add more until salt is desired color.

3. Add a few drops of scented oil in each bowl and stir again.

4. Provide each child with a clean baby food jar and assist them in scooping Epsom salts in their jar. Alternate colors for a beautiful layered look.

5. Place lid on jar and decorate with ribbon.

I use the poem: Here’s a happy Hug-A-Bunch. Wrap it around and feel the crunch. May smiles and kisses come your way, with lots of love on Mother’s Day! Let the children write this on handwriting paper. Tape 2 11″17 pieces of paper together, gluing their poem in the middle. Put their handprints on either side and roll it up like a scroll.

Mother’s Day Sachet Materials: Garden glove, potpourri, ribbon, fake fingernails, beads, craft glue Stuff the fingers of the glove with stuffing. then glue on fake fingernails and any other decorations. Stuff the rest of the glove with potpourri, and tie the end with ribbon.

Cute as a Button photo frame: take a picture of each child in your class. Purchase colored poster board and cut it into a frame shape with an opening large enough for the photo (usually 3×4) and enough space around the photo for the children to glue buttons. On the bottom of the frame write: Cute as a Button. On the sides and top allow the children to select and glue a variety of buttons. You can add a magnetic strip to the back if desired.