Mother’s Day Gifts

We will to the tea party theme day around mothers day & make a card for mom. I will take a photo of each child at a tea table we will use these poems. (I couldn’t find a poem I liked so my husband wrote this one for me.) (Please use it if you want, just list the author’s name, in case it is famous one day!!!)

Tea Time By Jerry Jurden

The little hand is on the four, I think it’s time for tea. I’ll set the plates and pour the drinks For my best friend and me.

Yeah sometimes I like to pretend And play all by myself. I’ve got my Pooh and Teddy Bear That sit up on the shelf.

But they can’t talk and play with me The way my best friend can, So every day at four o’clock I run and grab her hand. “Come on, come on, it’s time for tea!” I say with quite a shout “Please come and sit here in your chair, It’s already pulled out!”

And even though the chair’s too small She sits there anyway. She smiles at me and drinks my tea And says, “How was your day?”

We sit and talk and laugh and play And when our time is through She says, “Oh, thank you for my tea!” And I say, “Thank you, too!”

So when at night I lie in bed And think of my best friend I hope that tea time with my Mom Will never, ever end!

Take a pot for plants and let the kids decorate it with paint and markers. Next, put in old playdough that is almost dry then let your child pick out some silk flowers. This makes the sweetest gift and mom will cherish it for life. My 3 year old did this for me!!

Mother’s Day Picture Poems

For a Mother’s Day/End of the Year gift, I print out a poem on cardstock about the kids growing up and getting bigger and how much their mom has helped them. (Any poem about mothers is suitable.) Then I use photo safe glue to paste a picture of the student from the beginning of the year on one side of the poem and at the end of the year on the other side. (I send it home in a folder to make sure it doesn’t get bent.) It makes a nice framable gifts for the moms.

For mothers day my 3 year old class made hot plates for mom. We used medium size ceramic tile and wrote I Love You across the top and the child’s name across the bottom in different colors of permanent marker. Then we painted the child’s hand with tempra paint and put the child’s handprint in the middle. Let both the wording and the paint dry for about 2 hours (or until dry) and then shellac the tile and let dry. (This could also be used for dad too.)

Mother’s Day Gift Handmade Hand towels

Materials Needed: White Hand Towel 3 or 4 different colors of fabric paint, (preferably puffy paint.)

This project took a little time but my children’s mothers loved it! I took the white hand towels (Bar Towels) I found them 8 in a pack for $5.00 at Wal-mart. I bought puffy paint and took each child’s name and wrote it at the bottom of the towel in reasonable size letters. I put a heart in front of each child’s name to symbolize from or love. Then after letting them dry over night I took each child and placed there hand in puffy paint that I squirted from the bottle onto Styrofoam to make a good thick print. I placed the child’s handprints on the towels in the center! I also took their thumbs and made dots on the top and the bottom of the towel. Like I said it took a bit of time and a little bit of money but my mother’s adored their handmade hand towels!!