Monster Games

Make a math monster. We named our Mortimer and he was a shoe box with a big mouth cut out and decorated with fun foam. Be sure you can get the lid off the shoe box. Write numbers on index cards, going as high as you think is appropriate for your class. Using packing peanuts or some other type of manipulative, have the children choose an index card and then feed the math monster that many pieces of food. Dump out the box and start over. For older kids, you can put addition or subtraction problems on the index cards and the children find the answer and then feed the monster.

This is an ‘echo’ game. teacher stands in front of children and begins saying: “There’s a great big monster under my bed”–children repeat “With a floppy thing on the top of his head” (teacher puts right arm on top of head and lets it flop around)–children repeat words and motion. at this point actions are added… so we all keep the floppy thing on the top of our heads and add more actions: ) “With one foot up and one foot down” (march with feet)–children repeat words and actions “And it spins its hip around and round” (make a circular motion with hips)–children repeat words and actions “And its arms go both far and wide” (time to get that left arm busy…just wild swinging will do nicely) children repeat words and actions. “And its face looks all scrunched up too” (scrunch and move your face)–children repeat words and actions. “And that ugly breast…. “Looks at lot…. “Like…. “YOU!” (teacher points at children) Once the children learn this they love shouting and pointing YOU! It does take a bit of practice to do all of the actions at the same time but this is great fun.