Monster Art

For a great monster idea, I cut a bed shape from poster board and then glue a small piece of colored construction paper where the blanket would hang in the middle.  Then I have the children draw a picture of the Monster under their bed, to go along with the monster under my bed story. The children dictate to me all about their monster under their bed. Parents have loved this for years!


We made mummies in my preschool class! I traced a cutout onto black paper(gingerbread man shape works well). The children then glued scraps of white gauze to the outline and added two black eyes. Very cute!

Get a large sheet of white paper long enough to fit a whole child’s body on, Trace one child on the paper, then have another child lie on the paper and trace them over the other child’s tracing, when you are finish have both children paint or color their 4 armed 4 legged 2 headed monster!

You will need: paper plate, scissors, popsicle sticks, glue, tape or stapler, collage materials: tissue paper squares, string, cotton balls, pipe cleaners, colored macaroni, colored paper etc…

Cut eye holes in the paper plates. Set out collage materials, scissors and glue. Each child gets a plate. Children can design their own monster masks using the collage materials. staple or tape the popsicle sticks to the bottom of the plate. Allow to dry then children can use them as masks.