Zoo Ideas

Flamingo Picture

On a white piece of paper draw the body of a flamingo. Next have the children rip pieces of pink tissue paper and glue the pieces onto the flamingo. You will also need black tissue paper for the eye, beak, and feet (at least that is what my preschoolers did).


From blue construction paper cut out the peacock’s body, head, and two feet. From yellow construction paper cut out it’s beak. Have the children glue all the body together. Have them draw on an eye with a black marker. Next using colored feathers let them glue on feathers on the peacock’s body. I just let them glue on the feathers where ever they wanted to. But my example peacock just has the feathers on it’s behind and some along it’s back. They do turn out really cute.


You need a small paper plate. Let the children color their plate gray. Out of gray construction paper cut out the ears and trunk. Glue or staple on the ears and glue on the nose. Fold the nose down so that it’s folded and looks wrinkled. After that have the children draw on the elephants eyes.

At the water table, use a spray bottle filled with water to imitate an elephant spraying with his trunk.

Animal Cage:

Accordian fold a piece of black construction paper. Cut into a letter I shape, being sure not to cut the folds (use the whole sheet). Unfold and place atop pictures of animals to make a cage.

Purchase zoo animal cookies. Have children place three small blobs of green playdough onto the middle part of a paper plate. Stand 3 different animal cookies into the blobs so they are facing outward. Then take a plastic strawberry basket and put it over top…it looks like the animals are in cages! I traced the square for the basket with a pencil and put a few drops of white glue there so the basket wouldn’t fall off. The kids thought this was great. Then you can glue small strips of green tissue paper on the outer edges of the plate to look like grass.