Worm Ideas

FYI We just spent time hunting for worms (worming). A great way to get worms to come out of the earth is to run around on the grass for a while ( 20-30 mins) Suddenly worms will be everywhere. I found out the reason why from a ranger at our local Audubon. she said the worms think the noise is rain of the earth so they come out. Of course there always a lot of worms after a rain storm.

Materials: 10 live nightcrawlers

1 piece of poster board
1 large center circle (drawn onto paper)
4 small circles (drawn at corners)
Place worms in center circle pick a circle that you think the most worms will crawl to. That will be your circle. The winner is the child with the most worms in his/her circle.

Worm art: Place puddles of poster paint on the poster board. Put worms in the center and let them go. Watch to see what interesting art they create as they find and crawl through the puddles.

Worm Math- Count the worms
Make up a rhyme about the worms
(ex. one worm twists, two worms turn, three worms stretch….)
Make numbers with the worms. (take two worms and make a 5, take two worms and make a 3, take three worms and make a 4.
Trick to keep the worms “safe” and “lively” have a spray mister with cold water ready to mist the worms.


During our worm unit, I told my small group we were going to look at some worms and describe what we saw. Then we would feel and smell them and describe our experiences. Then we would taste them and tell how they tasted. Alas, I pulled out some gummy worms and their fears subsided. I wrote down what each child said about what they saw, felt, smelled, and tasted on a giant worm shaped construction paper.