Winter Animal Ideas

Winter Animals Curriculum

Hibernation Party The week of Ground Hogs Day we always study a winter unit revolving around animals, especially bears. This year to kick off our study of animals and hibernation we had a Hibernation Party. The children arrived in their pajamas and brought their bears. We had many soft pillows and made “dens” for the children. The children enjoyed having a day in their pajamas. We had pancakes cut in the shape of bears. We had strawberries for snacks with bear shaped cookies.

Books for Hibernation Themes:
The Big Snow by Berta and Elmer Hader
Time to Sleep by Denise Fleming
Good Night, Baby Bear by Frank Asch
When will it be Spring? by Catherine Walters
The Happy Day by Ruth Krauss
“Skunks! Go to Bed!” by Ted Bailey
You can find these books through Scholastic book clubs or your local library.

You can make lots of different durable cardboard figures to play with in the block area. Just get some very thick cardboard (we get ours for free from a paper mill) and use Podgy stuff to glue it on. Then cut out around the picture. I did this during my “Alaska” week… I printed out polar bears and penguins on the computer, cut them out, then used the technique above. The kids had lots of fun building igloos for their polar bears and penguins!

We made a polar cave in a corner of the room out of white butcher paper. The children made penguins and polar bears, etc to decorate the cave.