Whale Ideas

For a learning space for a Whale unit (story corner, meeting place, etc.) This is great if you have a lot of space. We covered a 9×9 dome tent with black plastic to look like a big whale. We used extra plastic and formed it to the tent, shaping a large fluke (tail) of the whale and stapled it to the wall behind the tent. We covered the door opening of the tent with another piece of plastic and cut strips in the plastic to represent baleen hanging down in the mouth. Two large eyes placed at the sides of the tent and a fountain of “water” (made of blue paper) coming out of the top of the tent (the blow hole) brought our whale to life! For an added sensory experience, leave an open can of tuna in the room for a fishy smell, and add a recording of ocean sounds. We used this for a unit on Jonah in Bible School but it would be great in a science classroom too.