Weather Ideas

I teach in a cooperative preschool and am trying to involve the daily ‘child helper’ more in the daily activities. I have come up with the idea of instead of weather cards at circle time, getting a calendar page and having the helper decide what the weather is like. I then put a symbol of the weather (i.e., sun, raindrop) in that daily box. At the end of the month, the calendar page goes above our bulletin board. This way we can all see how many months we’ve been in school. You can also count the days we’ve been in school each month before posting the calendar on the wall. We also dress a laminated “weather bear” for the day.

Create a Teddy bear for the flannel board. Make clothing appropriate for different types of weather. Use the following poem:

It’s hot, hot, hot in the sun, sun, sun. What should teddy wear to play in the sun?
It’s cold, cold, cold in the snow, snow, snow. What should Teddy wear to play in the snow?
It’s wet, wet, wet in the rain, rain, rain. What should Teddy wear to play in the Rain?
It’s dark, dark, dark at night, night, night. What should Teddy wear to go to bed at night?
Let the children dress the bear according to the weather.

Blue Sky:

In the evening show the child the colors in the sky. Orange, pink, red, white, and other mixed colors. Ask him/ her to identify the colors. Show her the black birds flying in the sky. Show the airplanes in the sky. And do not forget to show the Sun. So now the child knows the things that can be seen in the sky.

Now ask her to paint the sky in the home on a big paper.

Material: Paper ( possibly sky blue color), water colors, cotton, sketch pen Black.

Ask the child to color the sky on the paper with blue, white, orange, yellow, red colors. Let it dry. With an old tooth brush sprinkle some colors on the flattened cotton balls. These are the clouds to be pasted in the “sky”. Let the child draw the sun and color it. Paste it in the sky. Similarly an airplane. And finally the black birds with black sketch pen. Now you can paste the completed sky on the wall.

With this project you teach the child to appreciate the fabulous colors displayed by the nature. And he starts loving to watch nature.

Rain Cloud:

I made a cute bulletin board with my class. The first part of the project I had them cut out a raindrop shape from thick white construction paper. Then they each sponge painted them with light blue paint. Next, I cut out a large cloud shape out of white butcher paper and had each of them decorate it with their handprints in black paint. When all materials were dry, I hung the cloud up against a navy blue background with the raindrops scattered beneath for a rainy spring day.

Easy Rainbows:

This idea is a borrowed one! Cut, or have the children cut, a large red circle. Cut a smaller orange circle and so on through the colors of the rainbow. Glue the circles together in descending order on top of one another. When you are through, cut the final circle in half. This will create two rainbows- one for a school bulletin board and one to send home. The circles are easier to cut than each individual strip of the rainbow. These are colorful and brighten any room!

Graph the weather-make a chart with sections for sunny (sun) cloudy (cloud) rainy (rain drops), etc. and allow children to place the correct icon in the designated section of the chart. At the end of the week or month count how many days have been sunny, rainy, etc.

March Wind Project

Supplies: Empty paper towel roll for each child paint and paint brushes assorted colors of tissue paper stapler

Students paint paper towel roll any way they desire – let it dry teacher cuts long strips of different colored tissue paper student choices color and/or colors of tissue paper teacher staples tissue paper strips together at one end of paper towel roll. teacher saves for a very windy March day and let kids take on the playground. My kids always love this project.

A rain cloud I cut out shapes of clouds out of white paper, rain drops out of shades of blue paper and lighting out of gray paper. I had the children glue the rain drops on their clouds and had them add some “lighting.” Then I had them glue strips of different colored crepe paper on the back of their cloud at the bottom, for the effect of a rainbow coming out from under the cloud. They were very cute hanging from the ceiling. If the children are old enough, you may wish to have them do their own cutting of their clouds, rain drops and lighting.

Make ice cubes with the children. Drop a small rubber water animal (fish, snake, etc.) in the water for each cube. When frozen, allow the children to play in the water table with the cubes until melted. The kids love this activity and the water animals continue to be enjoyed in the water play.