Vacation Ideas

Canoe Trip

You will need a 20 ft. long X 2ft. piece of paper (the kind that comes on a roll, doubled thickness is best, three elementary/preschool sized chairs, a canoe oar (tape a cardboard paddle on to a broom), life vests, an environmental sound recording of rushing water and another of crickets, and campsite props. In making the canoe, line the chairs, one directly behind the other, spacing them where seats on a canoe would be located. Wrap the paper around the legs of the chairs to make the sides of the canoe. Staple the ends to make a bow and stern. Have the kids wear the life vests, turn on the rushing water sounds, and have fun paddling the canoe. Afterwards, set up your campsite with a fake campfire, tent, sleeping bag, marshmallows, lantern, etc., and switch on the crickets. It makes a great photo opportunity.

In my pre-school we teach the children about the different countries in the world by using “Freddy the Vacation Teddy”. Freddy is a small teddy bear and whenever one of the children go on vacation they can take Freddy with them. The only thing we ask is that they have a photograph taken of them with Freddy. When they return we go to our world map and mark where Freddy and the child has been and put up the photo. This works especially well as I work in Europe, but think how it would help children in the U.S. learn about the different states.

Vacation Postcards

Give the children a 5×7 piece of cardboard paper. Tell them to pretend they are on a vacation, in some place of their choice. Then have them cut-out pictures from travel magazines from the place they are vacationing. Have them glue the pictures on one side of the card. And have them write or draw something on the other side. Have them write their name at the bottom, and put a “stamp” on the top right corner. They enjoy trying to decide who they are going to send it to.

Each week this summer, my 4 and 5 year olds are “traveling” to a different place, ex: Hawaii, Outer Space, Mexico, the Old West, etc. I am decorating the room and also filling a suitcase with items we’ll need for each trip. I am also finding magazine pictures relating to each place. I am cutting them out and placing them in a photo album, changing the pictures each week.