Turtle Ideas

What you will need: green construction paper, a white crayon, scissors, and colored dots (stickers)

Using the white crayon, trace a turtle shape out of the green construction paper. Have the children cut it out. Then, give them the sticker dots and have them put one of each color on the “shell” of the turtle. (Ask them what color each dot is as they put it on the turtle shell.)

This is a good activity to use with a “color” unit, as well as the turtle unit!

Making Turtles: You will need: Paper bowl construction paper (Brown) Paint green and black scissors glue

Have the children turn the bowls upside down and paint the whole bowl green, Let dry, then have them make a tic-tac-toe design on its flat part of the bowl, let dry. Cut a head and feet and tail ahead of time with the brown paper and have the children glue them on. Glue them on the bottom of the bowl. The children love this turtle and can’t wait to show mom and dad.

Turtles remind me of the Franklin Books, we made our own version of Franklin, we covered a Chinet bowl with masking tape (to look like the shell) then painted it and attached it to a construction paper turtle with arms, legs, a tail and head, we then added googly eyes and a red scarf and hat (like Franklin wears), the kids loved having their own Franklins!

I have the children draw a simple picture of a turtle. I then let them color the head, feet, and tail. I leave the shell uncolored. Before hand I have cut up small squares of green tissue paper. (All shades of green) They glue on the tissue paper for the shell. It looks very nice!