Tree Ideas

I have the class make a large “giving tree” mural. Every week I hand out a sheet of paper that says, My Good Deed on the top. The children are asked to draw a picture of the good deed they did at home during the week (helping with laundry, feed the dog etc.) On Friday the children are asked to bring back their good deed that they did at home. At our class meeting we read all the good deeds and then hang it on the class tree. This is a good reminder of how kind you can be (positive reinforcement!)

When I do my ‘Trees’ theme, I take the opportunity to put up a class ‘Giving Tree’. We choose a wall where the parents will not only see the tree, but will have access to it. The tree has many leaves, but some of the leaves have the name of an item we would like donated to the class (.eg. stamp markers, books, stickers, games). We usually put a sign on the tree’s trunk, explaining it’s purpose and instructing the parents to take the leaf with the item they wish to contribute. When the item is donated, we put a ‘THANK YOU’ apple on the tree with the child’s name on it.