Transportation Ideas

Buy an giant helium balloon and attach yarn to the sides. Connect the strings to a large sized box to make a hot air balloon. Children love to throw out and pull in bean bags (also connected to strings) so that they can take off and land in a hot air balloon.

For our transportation unit I cut car shapes out of white poster board and letting the children each choose any color they wished, I had them finger-paint their car shapes. The title of the bulletin board reads: Where Is Your Car Going? I made roads out of rectangular pieces of black construction paper, and stapled to the b.b. on a slant so that roads went up and down. I used chalk to make a dashed line down the middle of the “roads”. I “interviewed” each child separately and asked them where their car was going. Each answer was different because they could not hear each other’s responses. I typed up their answers using a child-like font in parenthesis and their name underneath. It made a very colorful display with orange, blue, green and purple cars!

This is a bulletin board that the children will enjoy making. It is a three day process. On the first day the children are given large, green, tree-top shapes and asked to make collages. They can use dried peas, green tissue paper, green paint, any materials which are green to make their own unique collages. On the second day, the children are given different shades of blue paper, scissors, glue, cotton balls, and glitter to make their own clouds. On the third day, they are given a picture of themselves which can fit into a square shape inside different colored airplane shapes. They can chose whatever color they want and decorate their planes however they want. The green collage tree-tops are placed on the lower section of the bulletin board and the clouds are placed towards the top area while the airplanes are scattered about the board with black “flying marks” trailing behind. The children will enjoy seeing themselves as pilots on the bulletin board.

License Plates: Cut construction paper in half and make different colored rectangles. Write child’s name at the top and state you’re in at the bottom. Use the black and white “mailbox” sticker letters and numbers as the license plate numbers…the kids love stickers! These turn out very cute!

Take a suitcase to Circle Time. Tell the children you are taking a trip on an airplane (train, boat,…) but don’t know what to pack in your suitcase to take with you. Ask if the children have any ideas. After getting their ideas, say, “Let’s see how I did packing my suitcase. Do I need to take _____?” (pull out a pair of underwear for example-I took a pair of my son’s) “How about this_______?” (pull out an egg beater) Discuss why each item is needed or not.

Use either a sensory table, dish buckets, or a wading pool for this activity. Place gravel and other rocks and add trucks, bulldozers, etc. The kids really enjoy driving through the quarry. This could works for a unit on Community Helpers or Transportation.