Tea Party Ideas

During the month of February I encourage pretend play by having a Teddy Bear Tea Party. I turn the classroom into a restaurant atmosphere by putting table clothes on the table and flowers. I send out invitations to all the parents and ask that they send a teddy bear with their child on this day. On the day of the party and a few days before, we dress up in fancy clothes, with big hats and pretend in the home living area. On the day of the tea party the parents sit with their child and pretend to feed the teddy bears and sip tea from tiny tea party cups. We serve teddy bear cookies, sandwiches, etc. and pour tea from fancy tea pots. The children love it and it demonstrates to the parent the importance of pretend play. I teach developmental delayed 3 year olds and it is a big highlight for each one of them.

Read selected poems from “Tea Party Today” by Eileen Spinelli.

Place a child’s tea service in the Housekeeping or Dramatic Play Center during Tea Party theme week.