Summer Ideas

On warm summer days children can go water painting outside! A great alternative to paint for younger preschoolers is water! Mess-free and worry-free! Any spills need only dry! Adding bubbles/or food coloring is optional and makes it even more interesting. Simply fill transparent containers (of desired sizes) with warm water, give children the brushes, and let them watch their “paint” evaporate in the sun! Have them paint a brick surface, and they’ll shriek with excitement each time their pictures disappear! Thanks to a talented colleague for this inexhaustible idea. Enjoy!

During the dead of winter in NY we all dream of going on a vacation to a warm place. We have the theme of “mid winter Getaway” and for one of the snacks, we made a Beach scene. We made blue Jell-o with the kids and let it set. We then took graham crackers and put them in a zipper bag and crushed them using various “tools” (blocks, plastic tools etc.). We took the “Sand” and put it on the bottom of a small bowl, used the blue Jell-o for the water and then finished it off with whipped cream for the waves. Then we put some candy fish in there to finish it off. The kids (and teachers) loved it!!!

Car Wash – At our school we have a car wash when the weather gets so hot! We block off the parking lot and provide the children with sponges, squirt bottles, soapy water, and squeegees. Several teachers get the privilege of getting their car washed for free. Water tables and easels with shaving cream are also set up for lots of messy fun. Don’t forget to have the children come in their swimsuits with sunscreen on. It’s wonderful, water fun!!

This is a real cute board ,I took a picture of all the children in my class with there legs apart and their hands up over their heads .I cut each picture out carefully around each and every corner of them .I found a pattern of a skate board and put each picture on top of the skateboard .They look like they are skating .I painted a winding path onto construction paper on the bulletin board and placed them all on the path .I titled my board “Skating into Summer” If you would like the pattern for the skate board please E-mail me and I can send it to you .


Let the children go out side and pick up pine cones if you have them or find them some were else. Take yarn and tie it around the top of the pine cone and then roll it in creamy peanut butter then roll in bird seed. Last let the children pick a place were they want to hang them out side. The squirrels like them too! YOU DON’T WANT TO DO THIS TO LATE IN THE YEAR BECAUSE THE BIRDS WILL EXPECT YOU TO KEEP FEEDING THEM THROUGH THE WINTER.

When you think of summer you think of camping. For our camping unit we rolled up newspaper into paper logs and tied them with rubber bands. The children then painted them brown. After they dried(the next day) we set them up for our campfire adding red and orange cellophane and a flashlight to the middle. We sat around the “campfire” singing songs and telling stories. The children loved it.We ended our campfire time by eating ‘smores. It was great!