Summer Ideas

A cute idea for a summer bulletin board is to use bulletin board paper (green for grass, blue for sky). Using any color paint have child take off shoe and paint their bare foot (only one) and place on white construction paper. Cut out around footprint and write the name of the child on the print. Use the heading “Stepping into Summer” and cover board with footprints. Add cotton ball clouds and butterflies, flowers etc. Looks nice for summer.

Summer Sun’s This is a good activity to use with beginning cutters. Prepare large yellow construction circles. Have the children cut or snip around the edges to make “sun rays”. They can bend rays back and forth for a different look and of course draw or paint happy faces on their suns using markers or paint.

Hi! I thought your idea sounded great for summer fun, we live in Tucson, AZ and our older kids love to do this activity. During water conservation times (all through June- August) we fill water sport bottles with the pull top, flip them upside down and squeeze! This works great for the fives who can get frustrated trying to use a sink or faucet. It saves sooo much water! Our 11 yr old discovered that a five gallon pail filled quickly under the faucet, from the overflow and filling process. We also make sure to check for LATEX ALLERGIES before doing this activity, because balloons are made of latex, and would cause a reaction.

“Launch into summer” or “Get into books and out of this world!!!” with this bulletin board idea. Use watercolor paints to make coffee filter planets. Cover bb with black paper and scatter planets. Add construction paper stars with children’s names and the titles of books they’ve read. Or add rocket ships with narratives of students plans/goals for the summer.

The children love making making these visors. Cut a crescent shape out of a dinner size paper plate, older children can do this themselves if you draw the crescent for them. Have the children decorate their visor with markers, names could be added here too. Punch holes in the ends with a paper punch (you might want to reinforce the holes with tape) and attach elastic cording, adjusting to fit the child’s head. Be sure to head outdoors to try them out!

Our school sprinkles small colored rocks in our sand which the children call treasures. When the weather is nice, we bring a table outside with a plastic pitcher of water and cups and have mock lemonade stands. The children then collect treasures for money and kids practice pouring their lemonade. The treasures go into a jar and are then sprinkled out into the sand at the end of the day. The kids enjoy this so much we have made lemonade signs and now bring out several tables to accommodate all those who want to play.