Summer Ideas

For my summer program I did a bulletin board with Fishes and had the kids names on each fish and wrote “Splash into Summer” It is a great welcome sign for Summer Campers!

A great summer bulletin board I’ve used in the past is a picnic theme. We make a check board tablecloth, paint a large basket, and we put paper plate collages of the kids’ favorite foods around it. It was a hit!

Set up a large tent within the preschool nap area. Children bring sleeping bags. Teacher hides (plastic) bugs within tent for children to find. They loved napping in the large in-house tent, finding the bugs (alphabet and insect lesson can be incorporated here). Children brought flashlights, teddy bears. Told camp or playfully-spooky story. Great fun nap area. (Love your website! Thanks!)

I taught my girls about recycling with this project. It is also a good one for Summertime. This will be a photo frame.
Take two pieces of card board and cut them to be the size of 8×10.
Then on only one piece, cut the center out to be 5×7. The next step would be decorating. Because I live in Florida I made it into a Florida Fun Frame. Set aside the frame that does not have the center cut out. Take the frame that has the 5×7 center and paint glue around the border. I added beach sand and sea shells to give it the “Florida” look. Glue the photo in place and then attach the back. To hang it, we used a pop top from a soda can. Hot glue that on and “voila” you just made a great keepsake. Then you can talk about how all the materials were recycled.

For water play day we use a soaker hose for very young children and older children alike. Some children like the gentle spray better than the sprinkler like toys. Although we offer both. Plus we put a hose on the monkey bars with a nozzle on very fine spray, like a shower. Also colored ice cubes in the water table, and shells give children a chance to experience cold and nature. We also let the children write on the sidewalk with chalk and then paint over it with water for a different experience.

On a piece of white paper covering the whole door, have the children help draw waves and a sun. Then cut out a tracing of a boat on different colored construction paper. Tape or glue the boats all around the door and the theme on it can be “Sailing Into Summer”.