Shape Ideas

Choose a shape you want the kids to know for the week (or however long you’ll be discussing it). Cut out the shape and tape it on the floor (Circle Time) area where the children will be sitting on them. So every time you call them out so sit and be ready for Circle Time, all you say is “It’s time to sit on the Red (or whatever color) Circles!”

I cut out a big circle, square, rectangle, triangle etc. I add features to each shape such as hair, eyes, mouth etc. I then glue each shape to a paper and staple the paper together to make a book. Then modeling from the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do you See? I have the children sing for example “Red Square, Red Square, What do you See? The class loves it and it reinforces shapes and colors!

Upon reading a book about shapes, I gave the children a chance to explore with a variety of shapes on a 8 x 11 piece of paper. They made all sorts of creative pictures out of their shapes. On the way out to the playground one of the children had his hands up to his eyes like a pair of glasses and said “I’m looking for shapes.” So I had all the children try it and they found all kinds of shapes around our school building as we were walking outside.

I made several shapes such as circles,triangles,octagons etc. and printed on them different traffic signals such as; stop signs(octagons), traffic lights(circles),yield signs(triangles) etc.. Then I got small, yet wearable, size boxes for the children to make small cars which they finished by adding headlights etc.. We then took the children outside and held the signs up as they drove around and they had to tell us what shape the sign was and what command it was giving them. They love it,they were learning while playing..