Safety Ideas

Paste a large Telephone cutout on to a piece of paper. Title it We Know How to dial 9-1-1. Using a ink pad, have children stamp there fingers and dial 9-1-1. It really show them how to dial 9-1-1!

Here’s a safety tip for groups going on field trips. We’re all accustomed to putting name tags on our children, but this is not a good idea for young children on field trips to public places. A young child will not consider someone who calls him/her by name to be a stranger, so a name tag may actually put the child in danger. Instead, consider tags that reads, “Hi! I’m on a field trip with _______________ school!”

Today in school we had a local policeman come in to talk to the students about summer safety. He used a set pictures which were labeled from D.A.R.E. about summer safety. These pictures were extremely interesting and kept the children’s attention. The children learned a lot.

Our safety unit comes two weeks before then end of our school year when our Pre-K’s are gearing up for summer and Kindergarten beyond that. Our local school district’s transportation dept. has a Bus Safety Team that visits the elementary schools and any preschools who request it. They not only put on a wonderful program but take our children outside to the waiting school bus for a hands on demonstration of how to board, ride, and exit. Then to top it off, we take a bus ride around town to practice being quiet at railroad crossings. The children love it and we’ve gotten only positive feedback from our parents.

For an easy first aid kit that is portable, try a fanny pack (waist pouch) filled with Band-Aids, tissues, Neosporin, etc. Whenever you are ready to go outside or on a field trip, grab the fanny pack first aid kit and you are ready to go. Hands-free and very convenient.