Restaurant Ideas

This Father’s Day, me and my 3 1/2 year old daughter are creating “Daddy’s Day Cafe” by turning our eating area into a restaurant for Father’s Day dinner. We are making a menu out of poster board, decorated with food pictures from magazines. I have chosen appetizer and entree choices that are my husband’s favorites. My daughter will be the waitress, complete with apron and name tag, and will bring her Daddy his menu and take his order. Then I will prepare whatever he chooses. Her contribution (with my help) will be dessert, chocolate peanut butter chip cookies. She is very excited about being a waitress for Daddy!!!

Have the children bring in things that a chef may use. Some items include pots, pans, bowls, spatulas, colanders, strainers, ladles, whisks, spoons, forks, plates, trays, measuring cups, measuring spoons, sifters, etc

Let the children choose what items they would like to use to pretend cook and serve.

This activity opens up a lot of language development and may lead to other imaginary play such as restaurant, bakery, and store.