Recycling Ideas

preschool earth day curriculum

Make bubbles from dish soap, glycerin, and water. Then, use those plastic rings from six packs of soda and make big bubbles.  Make sure when you are done you either reuse them or you cut them up and recycle the plastic. The kids love it!

I like to show how important it is to “save our planet” and recycle. I ask the children to bring in a few empty, clean soda cans, soup cans, water bottles, etc. I measure the bulletin board and cut out a piece of light blue paper to fit the board. I have the students cut out earth friendly pictures, like flowers, trees, birds and people from magazines and glue them to the paper. We then hang the paper. I use a glue gun to attach the cans to the bulletin board around the outside edges of the paper to form a frame. We title our masterpiece “Keep Our Planet Safe… Recycle.”

Slice the top off 2 liter soda bottles to store your rolled up boarder trims.

“Bubbly Baskets” Do you have a limited number of bubble wands for your little ones to use? Then try this berry good idea! Provide each child with a berry basket and a shallow pan containing bubble solution for your outdoor time just have children dip the bottoms of the basket in bubble solution then either blow into them or move them through the air.

Egg Cartons “Recycle empty egg cartons for use as paint containers. Cut an egg carton length-wise creating two rows of six cups each. Fill both rows of cups with paint and place them in the trays of your painting easel. Cover the paints with plastic wrap at the end of each day to help keep them from drying out.