Rainforest Ideas

Make a Monkey out of them!

Using the old standby of paper plates, or more costly craft foam, construct masks of different rainforest animals!

Colorful Rainforest Frogs Have the body of the frog pre-drawn on construction paper, use different colors for each frog. For the legs for the frog, have those also pre-drawn on yellow construction paper (you could also use different colors also for the legs). With the legs have the two front ones smaller than the two back ones. Have the children glue on a wiggle eye and draw on a smile (if they want to) Have the children cut out the body and the legs. Next have them glue on black spots on the body and legs. You need brass clasps to attach the legs to the body. Now they have colorful frogs with moveable legs.

Toucans. You need to draw up the toucans body on black construction paper. You will also need to draw up the beak (upper and lower) on yellow construction paper. You need to draw the tip of the beak on orange construction paper. Have the children cut out all of the body and glue it all together. Have them glue on a wiggle eye. For the feathers for the toucan, glue on colorful feathers starting from the bottom of the bird and working their way up to mid back of the bird. They turn out really neat and the children enjoy them also.

At nap time, I have a CD that I put on for the kids of rainforest sounds. They absolutely love this and it relaxes them and they fall quickly asleep. Most of the sounds are like crickets and frogs and birds, but it’s really quite serene and beautiful.

One of my favorite dramatic play Date: ideas is for the Rain Forest / Jungle. For some great trees, use those heavy cardboard tubes from carpets. (Carpet stores will donate them) Cut them various sizes. Turn two card tables over & place side by side. Place the tubes over the legs to support your forest. Tape construction paper leaves, and green streamers for vines, from pole to pole. For the forest floor we use old green & brown blankets. With a few Beanie Baby jungle animals, vests, straw hats and binoculars, the children are set for adventurous play.

Music: Make rain sticks Materials needed: toilet paper tube straight pins rice construction paper

Place several straight pins all around the toilet paper tube with the heads on the outside of the tube and the point on the inside of the tube. Cover one end with paper. Fill the tube about halfway with rice. Cover the other end of the tube. Cover the outside of the tube with decorated paper. (this keeps the children from pulling out the straight pins).