Popcorn Ideas

For a fun bulletin board to support your popcorn theme, try this: Make the title “Look Who Popped In”. Cut 5-inch pieces of white construction paper to look like popcorn. Take each students’ picture up as a close-up head shot, develop and cut out following the outline of their heads. Glue to center of popcorn kernel. Make a popcorn popper out of construction paper and place on board. Purchase cardboard popcorn boxes or bags and place on board, along with extra popcorn pieces. Decorate the board using these items.

Place a clean sheet on the floor of your classroom. Have the children sit along the perimeter of the sheet. Place an air popper in the center of the sheet without the lid. When the popcorn pops it will pop into the air above the sheet. The kids love to eat what they catch.

“The Popcorn Dragon” by Jane Thayer is a great book for preschoolers. It’s about playing nicely with others and not being a showoff. I always follow it with a snack of popcorn and green “dragon” kool-aid. If you can get the kind of popcorn that’s still on the cob, even better! It’s fun to show the kids the popcorn “before & after”. A hot air popper would achieve the same effect, and they could watch the popcorn pop.

My kids were fascinated by watching popcorn pop in an old-fashioned see-through popper! If you don’t have one, you can often buy one at a thrift store. Encourage the kids to jump and shout ‘pop’ when they see the kernels jump!