Pizza Ideas

The book, “Hi, Pizza Man” is an excellent one for preschoolers and Kindergarten children. It’s simple, it’s fun and involves a variety of characters. I and a few other teachers have used it in our early intervention classroom. It’s also offered on for $6.25 new.

We set up a pizza parlor using red felt glued to large, medium and small pizza plates. We provide pizza ingredients also cut from colored felt ( white onions, orange pepperonis, brown sausages, green peppers, black olives). We laminated menus with these ingredients and small, medium and large circles for the children to circle their choices. One child is the chef, one the waitress and the others customers. They love playing Pizza Parlor during free-play. It’s also great for sorting when it’s time to clean up.

My kids had a pizza store too! I saved the empty box tops of the inexpensive pizzas and laminated them. I have 4 or 5 kinds now as have done this a couple years. In the class we sort them, count how many of each kind we have, name our favorites etc. In the motor room or kitchen we use them as our “stock” of pizzas when someone comes to order them. Lots of math in this part. How many do they want? Of each kind? How many total? How much money? One dollar bills and five dollar bills. None of that kind left. It was great!

My class of four year olds loves pizza. So in the dramatic play area we made a pizza store. I went to a local pizza restaurant and asked for items they could donate. They gave me pizza boxes, an old pizza delivery bag, and an empty parmesan cheese shaker. The kids just loved it. Their imaginations went wild. Before I knew it they were taking the play phone in the center to take orders and “driving” around the classroom delivering pizza’s. It was great!