Pirate Ideas

If I Was a Pirate.

tell your children all about Black Beard. explain that he had a different name before he was a pirate. then ask your children what they would call themselves if they were a pirate. have a list of pirate names for the ones who need a little help with ideas. -peg leg -one eyed -hook -captain, etc. add child’s name wherever it sounds best-have children draw themselves as pirates.

For a fun end-of-the-week extra, make Friday “Bandana Day”. It’s fun to see how the children wear them. You can also purchase plastic eye patches from any party store. Plastic are better so you can place a piece of tape inside for name placement. This is to prevent germs from spreading.

For pirate week, we went on our own treasure hunt. We drew a map coinciding with our playground and the ‘X’ was placed in the sandbox. We purchased a small plastic treasure chest filled with chocolate coins. The children will love to follow the pirate map to a chocolate treasure!

I took an appliance box (Washer/Dryer size) and painted three sides of it blue. I added a scene along the bottom of sand, treasure, seaweed, etc. The children fished inside the box with a magnetic fish pole to find what was in Davey Jones Locker (bottom of the sea) They found mermaids, old shoes, anchors, treasure chests, starfish, fish, etc. Be as creative as possible. I made these by printing various pictures from my computer, then had them laminated.

I gave each child a treasure map of the room as they came in. I named each center a creative name; Block Area = Alligator Alley, Water Table = Dolphin Island, Science = Coconut Corral, Housekeeping = Pirate’s Cove, Book Center = Davey Jones Locker, and there was a Pirate Ship area and a Snack Table. Each child was eager to play in each area so they could mark off the map.

Dig for buried treasure. Put white beach type sand (available at most home improvement stores) and craft jewels/rhinestones in your sensory table. I have also added play jewelry & plastic coins Add sifters and sand shovels. I also have a cardboard treasure chest I put in to store all of the treasure we have found buried in the sand. I have pirate hats and eye patches that can be worn also while they dig for treasure. This is fun to do after you read the story “Grandma and the Pirates” or “Tough Boris”.