Picnic Ideas

A great summer bulletin board I’ve used in the past is a picnic theme. We make a check board tablecloth, paint a large basket, and we put paper plate collages of the kids’ favorite foods around it. It was a hit!

Have the children make play dough with you, and then make picnic foods, and pretend to grill them.

One fun summer bulletin board I made at the daycare center where I work was a picnic theme. We let the children cut out pictures of food from magazines and then we created an outdoor scene with paper. The food got stapled on the board next to a paper picnic basket and we made ants out of egg cartons crawling towards the food. The heading we used on the board was “Summer’s a Picnic!”

During a picnic theme do activities based on peanut butter and jelly, something most preschoolers enjoy a great deal of. Put peanut butter and jelly in zip lock baggies. Let the children manipulate the bags and smoosh the ingredients until the stuff is completely mixed up. It’s is great for the fine motor skills and fun to. Make sure, though, that there are no allergies to peanuts in your classroom.