Penguin Ideas


Materials needed: toilet paper tube, black construction paper, white construction paper, stapler, glue and google eyes

From the black paper, cut a piece to fit around the tube and two wing shapes. From the white paper cut a rectangle to go two-thirds the height of the tube and round off the top edge, this is the penguin’s “bib”. To assemble, glue the paper around the tube, glue on the wings and the bib. Pinch the top of the tube right above the bib and staple on an angle to make the beak, glue the google eyes on to either side of the beak and you have a cute penguin that the children will love to make waddle.

This year for Christmas, we obtained light colored carpet samples from local carpet stores. We painted the bottom of the children’s feet black and printed them twice on the carpet. When they were dry, we added the white on the belly, the orange beak and feet, the eyes, the year 2000 in the bottom corner and the word WELCOME across the top. All this was done in fabric paint. We then treated this with Scotch Guard. It was a gift that was adored by all.

Trace the child’s foot on black paper and have them cut it out. Then have another smaller shape foot traced on white paper and have the child cut that out. Paste the white on the black foot cut out. Then have eyes, possibly wiggly, and and orange diamond for the beak. There you have a foot penguin.

Make a penguin using a toilet paper tube. Paint the tube black or cover it with paper. Cut out a white oval for the belly. Add two eyes and a construction paper beak.