Owl Ideas

Owl puppets.

Provide the children with a paper bag and an assortment of materials to create their version of what an owl would look like. Some examples: glitter, twigs, leaves, material/felt, tissue paper. Once their creations are dry have the children act out the following poem

Five wise old owls
Sat on a barn door
One flew away
And then their were four
Four wise old owls
Sat down for tea
One fell in his cup
And then there were three
Three wise old owls
Hooted on cue
One lost his voice
And then there were two
Two wise old owls
Weren’t having any fun
So one fell asleep
And then there were One
One wise old owl
In the setting sun
Flew off to the forest
And then there were none.

We are fortunate enough to have a Naturalist come to our school each year. She brings an Owl and teaches the children many interesting facts. One common misconception that I see over and over again is that the Owl has “ears” on the top of his head. These “points” are actually just tufts of feathers and not ears. Owls ears are actually hidden by his feathers and are on the side of his head. We should be careful as teachers not to call the “tufts of feathers” on top……..the Owls ears.

I bought Sheets of Sponge from our Art store in town….AC MOORE. I cut out a large Owl and a small owl shape. I then wet the thin sponge shapes and they swelled up into regular size sponges. At school the next day I read “Owl Babies” by Martin Waddell. For our Art project that day we went out on the playground and collected sticks. Once inside we taped our chosen stick to a 9×12 piece of paper. (This was the limb of a tree.) Some children chose to draw a tree themselves connecting the stick as an actual limb. On the limb the children sponge painted Owls. Large Moms and Dads…and smaller baby owls. We had fun counting how many Owls fit on our limbs. When the paint had dried we added eyes, beaks, feathers, and talons. It was lots of fun and the kids LOVE the Owl Baby story.

I’ve done this two ways. In 2 days-We made owl puppets with large white paper plates we sponge painted ( a little square of sponge held by a clothespin dipped in paint) with gray and brown. On day two we glued a large triangle pointing downward to the center of the plate)- this is the beak and ears. The eyes are made with regular sized cupcake liners with a rectangle glued inside the cupcake liner and a circle for an eye on top of the rectangle or a plastic eye from the store. To make in 1 day I used colored small paper plates like they have for Halloween (black) and did the same with the triangle for the ears and beak and then used the mini-cupcake liners for eyes with the rectangle inside and plastic eyes. We also added a circle mouth. I found the smaller plates worked best. We just taped tongue depressors on the back with duct tape and wrote the child’s name on the front of the tongue depressor. The plates and tongue depressors with names we did before the kids glued stuff on to speed up the process.