Outer Space Ideas

Rocket Packs
Empty two soda bottles use clear packing tape to wrap together, then cut thick strips of fabric or ribbon and tape on. The straps will look like those on a backpack.
The children love it.

This is an idea for a space bulletin board. We cut out the shape of an astronaut in his spacesuit and made his helmet area large enough to fit a slurpee top. We took head shot pictures of the kids and glued them under the slurpee top. We then had the kids decorate their space suit with stars, American flags, markers, etc. We then glued the pictures with the slurpee helmet to the head and they became astronauts. We then made a star for each of them with their name on it. We stapled the astronauts to a dark blue background bulletin board and had the kids place their star names near their astronaut. The kids really loved this bulletin board.

We’ve all made helmets from plastic milk cartons and aluminum foil. And made air tanks from soda bottles. I added large 2″ thick car washing sponges with rubber bands and had the kids wrap them on their stocking feet or shoes to do a moon walk! I purchased enough for 4 children when we changed the Home Center into a Space Shuttle!

During space week I transform the block center into a spaceship. The large blocks become the body of the ship. I use an old computer keyboard to operate the ship. We make helmets out of plastic milk jugs and air tanks out of 2 liter soda bottles.

Napping in Zero Gravity

Before having all the children get on their cots/mats read “I Want to be an Astronaut” by Byron Barton. Talk to the children about why the astronauts are upside down sometimes and why their food is floating in mid-air. Discuss how zero gravity makes everything float instead of fall. Then ask your astronauts to get ready for bed. Let them know how important it is to strap themselves in so they don’t float out of the room or into the wall while they’re asleep. The kids don’t always fully understand zero gravity but they think it’s a blast just the same. Make sure you play “spacey” music while they’re resting.

For a fun space activity with my Pre-K class, we read a story about our solar system and then I had the children imagine what other solar systems would be like. The children then decorated a black piece of construction paper with all kinds of space stickers. (Easily found at your local craft or discount store) Next to their space scenes, I wrote down their descriptions of the solar systems they had created. It was a great whole language activity and the parents loved reading what their children had written.