Olympic Ideas

We hold the Pajama Olympics. We start with a teddy bear race. You have to carry your stuffed bear on your back to the finish line. (everybody wins) We also have the pillow case race. Instead of a sack we use a pillow case. Make the race area short and use a large gym mat for safety. Next we have a pancake race. The children have to relay cardboard “pancakes” back and forth in a light weight frying pan. We finish our “olympics” with an award ceremony. Gold medals are given to each child. We then have a bedtime story and our parent volunteers have cookies and milk ready for our snack. Then its off to nap time. Quite a fun day. We usually have 4 classes participating at the same time.

We gold paint on juice lids to make our Olympic medals. The children feel very special after receiving their medal.

We made Olympic gold medals for our Mini-Olympics by gluing gold foil covered chocolate “money” onto a card circle backing. It’s great fun to eat your medal after the games!

To make simple “gold medals” for everyone: use 24″ of red, white and blue striped ribbon, held together by two gold seals (usually found in an office supply store as notary or legal document seals). Use the seals to hold together the ends of the ribbon, two seals per medal, one front, one back.

Get red, blue and white ribbon. Also juice lids and quarters. Glue quarter in the middle of juice lid and then wrap in foil, paint it gold when your finished and attach to ribbon using hot glue. (Adults do this part).

“KoalaL Lou” By Mem Fox is about a koala bear getting ready to play in the bush Olympics.