Old Testament Ideas

Here’s an idea for when you’re teaching about Joseph and his dream. I tell the story to the kids and I then pass out a rock to each child to represent the rock that Joseph used as a pillow (preferably smooth and a little smaller than the size of your fist). We talk about the rock and how uncomfortable it must have been to sleep on it. I then pass out water-based markers (in case of a mistake you can just use a wet Q-tip, or run the whole rock under running water), and have the children draw pictures of what Joseph saw in his dream on their rock. I then take them outside and lay them on newspaper and spray them with either liquid plastic or some kind of clear spray paint (to keep the marker from coming off). You will need a few hours for them to dry so plan to do this in the beginning of class, or keep them until the next appointed time and give them back then.

Here’s a neat way to help illustrate the story of Jonah and the big fish. Start with a small juice container (such as “fruit stand”) which usually holds approx. 8 oz. Then have 2 paper (2 per child) big fish approx. 6-8 in. long or at least an inch or two longer than the container for the children to color or decorate. When finished decorating, glue the big fish (one on each side) to the fruit stand container – while laying on it’s side – lengthwise so that the opening of the paper big fish is on the same side of the opening of the container, so it can swallow Jonah. Now it’s time to make a clothespin Jonah. You can use yarn or string for hair or simply color a face on paper and paste it on as well as fabric scraps or paper for clothes. The kids love this one because it’s pretty durable and they can continue to play with it at home.

When I teach the Bible story about Moses in the basket, I give each child a mint cup and a small plastic doll (you can find these in craft stores in the cake decorating section). I fill a plastic container with water and let the children put their Baby Moses’ in carefully and watch them float. They get to take their babies home in a baggie later.

We are in a church for pre-school and would prefer not to celebrate Halloween. Therefore our Bible lesson for the month centers on Noah’s Ark and we have a “Noah’s Ark” party at the normal Halloween party time. We have pictures of 6 animals (dog, sheep, lion, tiger, bunny, panda bear) in a basket and the children draw out one animal lottery style. Then we send home a note to mom so that she may create a costume to go with that animal. (they many times just use sweat suits in some fashion.) Then we spend the month making our masks to go with the animal we will be. We get a dad to dress as Noah and then our parade during the party (so families can see us dressed) is for searching for Noah’s lost boat. The children really like it and we still have games, party treats and lots of fun! If you need more details on how we make the masks. Please write me. It’s really quite easy!


My center is out of a church and called St. Marks Ark. I divided the bulletin board on one side I made Noah’s ark with the animals. Next to it, I made a rainbow using patterns fron their feet that I traced. Under the rainbow I made grass with tulips from their handprints. The kids love looking at the rainbow, finding their hands and feet.

Title: God Took Care OF MOSES For an entry bulletin board to greet our parent and children as they come into our churches children’s building, I chose to use the theme of our lessons for that month. Therefore, I put a blue background to begin to make the Red Sea. Then, I used white, medium blue, and dark blue shades of blue to give the sea a three-d effect and give the illusion of walls of water. This was simple with scrunching, masking tape, and lots of rearranging. I used sand paper for the dry land the Hebrews passed over. Then I used a stencil to make card board cut outs of Moses, a couple of children, and an Egyptian, all facing the water. In other words they do not have faces because the view is from the back. I cut small Styrofoam balls in half, sprayed them with glue, and covered them with brown spice. Then, I stuck pins in the back and attached them to the board for rocks. I cut out a cardboard chariot, spray painted it gold and stapled it to the lower left edge of the board with sand paper under it for earth. I dressed the card board figures with felt, a piper cleaner rod for Moses, small fabric bags for the fleeing children, and a plastic sword for the Egyptian. I attached an Ellison cut horse to the chariot with pipe cleaners. The places Moses on the rock holding his rod out stretched. Lastly, I did not use traditional boarder but put Ellison cut white clouds on the top half and had the water and sand paper come to the edge on the bottom. Also, I had used some Ellen cut waves of various colors to give the appearance of movement in the water. This board took a lot of time but for a first of the year greeting it was a blessing.

I use the story of the lost sheep in conjunction with March lamb and lion theme. I use a lamb shape and decorate it with cotton balls. For the Lion, the story of Daniel and the lions den. Use a lion shape head add yarn for the mane or strips of paper that can be curled around a pencil for students that can do this. Veggie Tales has video and and audio tapes of the story of Daniel for use after the story is read. Hang the lions on a bulletin board with the caption “We’re not Lion, we love Jesus!”and for the lambs…”We flock to Jesus” This was cute hung up in a main hallway.

I drew the outline of Goliath making sure he was 9 feet tall. The children helped me color him. We put him up on the wall and compared our height to his. It made a great photo opportunity.

I work with 2-4’s in the afternoons.In our bin table we now have water, boats (Noah’s Ark_) and animals….also 2 or 3 flat rocks.We also have a policy of not using food e.g. macaroni for art or play. we use many natural things in the bin table, such as small aquarium rocks, or the LARGE colored rocks from DISCOUNT SCHOOL SUPPLY –by adding several typed of funnels, measuring cups that pour, clear flexible tubing (about one foot lengths) I can provide challenges for the older kids and interest for the 2’s..we also use bird seed or chicken scratch (good for outdoor bin tables because the birds and squirrels clean up the spills )