Manner Ideas

We practice answering the telephone correctly using toy telephones. I teach the children to answer with “Hello. (Last name) residence. (due to safety issues it’s no longer a good idea to have them tell the caller who is speaking). They reply just a moment please when they go to get the call-ee. They practice going to get Mom or Dad rather than shouting for them to come to the phone. Parents really appreciate the outcome of this activity.

I teach toddlers. For our theme on manners i used puppets to demonstrate scenarios in which to use manners. i ask them questions using the puppets and get their responses. “the puppet would like a cookie. what should it say?” “if the puppet pushed you, what should it say?” etc.

Pass the Peas Please (A Book of Manners) by Dina Anastasio is a favorite of mine.

2 year old classroom – Marshmallows for Your Mug – We made our bulletin board into a reward board! Marshmallows for your mug had construction paper mugs with their name on it. Inside the mug was a plastic baggy. (The mugs were hung so they protruded from the board (3 dimensional)! Every time a good deed or good listening skills in circle was noted they got a colored marshmallow in their mug to take home at the end of the day. Parents and kids alike like summarizing their day this way.

We took it further with Valentine hearts and candy hearts and stickers. Next we are using small yogurt cups they cover and color with their names tacked up with the theme “Good Manners”. “May I be excused”, “Please” and “Thank You”, etc. stapled up and around with the reward of grapes!

The children in my class are bad about manners, so I brought Please Puppy, Thank-you Turtle and Excuse-me Elephant to school. They are 3 stuffed animals. Each time a student forgets to use a certain manner, I clap my hands to get their attention and hold up the correct animal to remind them that they should have used that manner.