Luau Ideas

Each island in the Hawaiian island chain has its own special color and lei Ni’ihau – White – shell lei Kaua’i – Purple – Mokihana lei O’ahu – Yellow – ‘Ilima lei Moloka’i – Green – kukui lei Lana’i – Orange – Kauna’oa lei Kaho’olawe – Grey – Hinahina lei Maui – Pink – lokelani (small rose) Hawai’i Island – Red – lehua lei

I like to do a Hula Hula themed week. It is nice to either add it before or after like the beach or ocean animals week. We make leis, palm trees, pineapples, grass skirts, tie dyed fish, colored sand art, etc. It’s alot of fun and we even do a Luau with the parents where the kids make little “tropical” type snacks and punch for the parents. We make the little umbrellas for the drinks and all, the kids and the parents love it! Especially since I run a group day home from my home, I get to do alot of little extras that most don’t or are unable to do.

Having pineapple chunks for snack we decides to paint pinecones yellow add them to along tree made from green paper attached a green umbrella tying the pinecones underneath. Placing a chair under the tree the children may choose a book to read. To illustrate we charted the the children’s response about where pineapples grow and what can we make from apples. Finger play added. Way up high in the pineapple tree two little pineapples smiled at me . I shook that tree as hard as I could ,and came the pineapples and we made pineapple juice. Yum, Yum. Children loved it. It adds a soft touch to the library center.

For our Luau we used coconuts to bowl with instead of a regular bowling ball. The children loved it!

We had a flamingo themed week. Two of the projects I designed were “#4 Flamingos” and “Flamingo Bookmarks”. The first one was done by drawing the body, head, and neck of the flamingo and having the kids paste on a precut #4 for the legs. Then, they painted his body pink and glued on circles for his eyes.

The second was done by drawing the flamingo on a long rectangular bookmark shape of pink construction paper. This requires some drawing ability. The kids then colored it however they wanted and then glued a wiggly eye on when they were finished. CUTE!

Hang aqua, green and light blue streamers from the ceiling. Decorate the streamers with tropical fish, die cut flowers and anything that reminds you of Hawaii. Hang many and it will give the feeling of being in a tropical setting.

My class of 2 and 3 year olds had a beach party luau. We made leis by cutting up purchased flower leis and re-stringing them onto yarn (we used plastic needles to make it easier). We also made “grass” skirts out of trash bags. The bottom of the bag was the waistband and we cut the bags in strips stopping an inch below the waistband. They tear easily so I recommend using heavy duty trash bags. For snack each child brought in a fruit which we all cut up and tossed into a bowl. We also made slushy drinks with Kool-Aid slushy mix. Then we danced to the Beach Boys. Our favorite song was Fun Fun Fun. We had a blast!

Before you begin your Luau, you need to get to the islands. Take a pretend flight, serve peanuts and pretzels, show an in-flight movie (Mickey’s Hawaiian Holiday). I also gave out tickets and match them with the seats. We chewed gum as we ascended, to prevent our ears from popping. When we got off the airplane we were greeted with a warm aloha and a plastic lei. Prior to the flight we made a chart of what we’d pack, what we see, what are foods we would eat in Hawaii, and things we would do in Hawaii.

To beat the “winter blues” and lack of snow in our area our center threw a luau. The children made paper skirts and strung various silk flower heads (donated from a craft store) into lays and headpieces. On the day of the luau we bowled with coconuts, did the limbo, and did the hula in our costumes. For snack we tried papaya, coconut, pineapple, mangos and bananas on fruit skewers that the children had made. At our science center we exploded a papier-mâché volcano which lead to much discussion. Our sandbox was filled with sand and hidden treasures (shells etc). We played lots of Hawaiian music and we all had a great time!!